Clean and Green Lawns are Pesticide Free

June 14, 2021

Overapplication of lawn chemicals is readily apparent when small white and yellow pellets pepper street-sides and accumulate in puddles that might otherwise refresh birds and other wildlife. With rain, lawn chemical residues wash into storm drains and make their way into our waterways to the detriment of fish, fowl, aquatic plants, and bodies of water.

Other instances of excess pesticide application are not visible to the naked eye but linger on plants or waft through the air, causing unintentional harm to beneficial insects that alight upon tainted foliage or take to the air amidst a cloud of toxic over-spray.  

At the base of the food chain, insects play a vital role in pollinating plants, feeding wildlife, and maintaining healthy soil. North American songbirds are declining at alarming rates due to loss of habit, scarcity of native food, and exposure to pesticides. Eliminating pesticides from the environment is beneficial to all living organisms. 

Eliminate use of pesticides in your yard. In doing so, you’ll safeguard the health of your family and pets, help create a more hospitable environment for birds and other wildlife, and help preserve water quality. Protecting the environment starts at home.