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To the best of my abilities, I will support the vision and mission of Simsbury Pollinator Pathway in the following ways: 

1. I will grow a variety of pollinator-friendly flowers that bloom from spring through fall in containers, garden areas and/or meadows.
2. I will replace some or all mowed lawn with pollinator-friendly plants, shrubs, and/or trees, including nectar plants, host plants, and sources of bird food such as seeds, berries and nuts.
3. I will not use pesticides, especially insecticides.
4. I will provide a clean water source(s) for pollinating insects and birds.
5. I will speak with my neighbors about the importance of protecting pollinators and their habitat and encourage them to join the Simsbury Pollinator Pathway.
6. I will leave all or some leaves, wildflower stalks, sticks and debris in my yard in the fall and through May to shelter overwintering and hibernating insects and to preserve habitat for butterfly eggs.
7. I will protect pre-emergent pollinating insects that live in the soil and under yard debris through early spring and provide early food sources including dandelions, violets, and clover for pollinators, and by extension,  birds, reptiles, amphibians and small mammals by supporting the “No Mow May” movement.
8. I will maintain 70% or more native-to-Connecticut plants (flowers, shrubs and trees) in my yard.

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